Scientific Organizing Committee


Manuel Grande (Chair)
Ralf Srama (Co-Chair)

Terrestrial Planets (TP)

Ruth Ziethe
Harry Hiesinger

Giant Planet Systems (GP)

Athena Coustenis

Magnetospheres and Space Physics (MG)

Helmut O. Rucker

Missions, Techniques and Industry (MTI)

Manuel Grande
Ralph Cordey

Exoplanets and Origins (EX)

Giovanna Tinetti

Astrobiology (AB)

Felipe Gómez

Small Bodies (comets, KBOs, rings, asteroids, meteorites, dust) (SB)

Ralf Srama
Maria Teresa Capria

Planetary Dynamics (PD)

Patrick Michel

Laboratory and Field Investigations (LF)

Felipe Gómez

Outreach, Education and Policy (OEP)

Eleni T. Chatzichristou

Amateur Astronomy (AM)

Apostolis Christou

Comparative Planetology (CP)

Jean-Pierre Lebreton